Improving competitiveness and efficiency through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


eSitolor – In 2018, we managed to successfully complete the project of implementing ICT solutions (Information and Communication Technologies). The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The total value of the project was 1,089,300.00 kuna (HRK), and the co-financing from the EU funds amounted to 725,424.00 kuna or 67% of the investments.



Owing to the EU funds, we obtained all the necessary ICT equipment, basic software solutions, and software solutions for computational planning and drawing. By joining the new equipment with the old one, we were able to install a more demanding software solution which unified all the planned business processes. Consequently, this reduced data processing time, risk of errors, and potential data loss, while increasing employee efficiency. In addition, the implementation of the ERP system shortened the amount of time needed for the following activities: drawing up tenders; monitoring and controlling production and construction sites; monitoring and controlling the costs of production, construction, and logistics; working-time calculation and payroll accounting; managing human resource activities; making procurement decisions; and drafting financial reports. Overall, the aim of the project is to optimize business processes, thus increasing the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Republic of Croatia.


As the Project Manager Irena Katalinić points out, all the activities were executed following the predicted dynamics and the Sitolor staff are very pleased. “There was a lot of hard work, plenty of paperwork, and long-term preparations, but European projects are very precise and without any unknowns, so we can express our satisfaction with the project. We received a great deal of support from the CTR, the Brod-Posavina County Development Agency – they were very helpful. All the necessary equipment was successfully installed and our employees were trained. Of course, they are still adapting on a daily basis, but the results are already tangible. It takes significantly less time now to complete various activities and everything is arranged in one place. With time, our work and communication will only become increasingly easier,” Irena Žilić says.

This is another project that confirms what many current beneficiaries of European funds have emphasized, that EU projects are a great benefit that EU membership brings and announces that Sitolor will not fit on the first project: – We have a lot of ideas, we plan and we definitely want to continue with such a practice, because every European project is a new challenge, and at the same time it brings a lot of good.


  1. Procurement and networking of IR equipment
    • ICT equipment, basic software solutions, computer drawing and planning software solutions
    • ICT equipment, basic software solutions, computer drawing and planning software solutions
  2. Introduction of specialized ICT solutions
    • Introduction of new ERP software solution – specialized software
  3. Introduction to new ERP software solution – specialized software
    • Using ERP software solution
    • Using software solutions for computational drawing
    • Using software solutions for computational planning
  4. Promotion and visibility
    • Distributing project leaflets
    • Distributing project leaflets
    • Publishing articles in local newspapers
  5. Project management and administration
    • Project implementation
    • Procurement procedures
    • Project reviews

Project Manager:

Irena Katalinić, dipl.oec.


MOB: +385 99/ 216-7921
TEL: +385 35/ 405-403
FAX: +385 35/ 405-415


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