Corporate responsibility

We apply experience and innovation to protect people and the environment

Our success is closely linked to the advancement of society in terms of following and accepting innovations – not only in the construction industry but beyond. Thus, we aim to preserve natural resources and create valuable social and economic opportunities for people and communities. Both our clients and our project managers are increasingly faced with the most complex sustainability challenges, such as growing urbanization, drinking water conservation, sustainable energy accessibility, extreme weather conditions, and global workforce development. We take profound care of people’s lives and environmental protection by promoting green solutions and trying to generate responsibility towards future generations.

We believe that sustainability is our responsibility, so we strive to increase the positive effects of our projects and avoid (or at least reduce) potentially negative effects whenever possible. Finally, we consider ourselves not only as suppliers of physical assets but as creators of a stimulating environment – both for our customers and the entire community.

Protecting people and the environment

Defining the goals of quality, safety, and environmental protection is regarded as a paramount step in planning and monitoring the system of quality, safety, and environmental management, as well as the entire business success of SITOLOR. Therefore, such goals are carefully defined at multiple levels within the company.

We set the goals within our annual planning of business activities (the end of a business year; the beginning of the next one) and measure the parameters related to their fulfilment all year round. Once determined, the goals are monitored via our goal-implementation action programme, which includes supervision responsibilities, deadlines, measurement of key factors, required education, resources, and the final assessment of implementation success.

Furthermore, all our employees are obliged to separate waste according to instructions. This operational procedure is prescribed by an internal company document which defines the treatment of waste from its production, collection, and management to its permanent removal from the site. The procedure is applicable to all activities, products, and services in all organizational units of the company.

Promoting economic development

The satisfaction of both customers and all other parties involved is a key indicator of the success of our system of quality, safety, and environmental management. Therefore, SITOLOR pays great attention to gathering all information about customers’ satisfaction regarding our products and services. All our business activities are constantly improving and adapting to the growing needs of customers, market requirements, legislative changes, and science and technology advancements.

Partnership with communities and society

Without the support of our community, our company wouldn’t be as successful as it is today, so we contribute to our society through various donation and sponsorship projects – we sponsor many cultural and sporting events. Finally, being fully aware of the importance of human potential, we offer our employees many opportunities for a continuous education and personal growth.

We are certified to international standards

    • HRN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System since 2003
      This standard specifies the requirements for a quality management system, managing team’s roles and responsibility, resource management, core business activities, and the supervision, i.e. measurement, analysis, and improvement of business conduct.
    • HRN EN ISO 14001: 2008 Environmental Management System since 2011
      Our environmental management system covers all aspects of reducing our business’ environmental impact, meeting legal requirements and balancing costs, using resources efficiently, and preventing pollution.
    • BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Safety and Security Management System since 2014
      One of our major policies is to constantly care for the safety of not only our employees but others involved in our operations: partners, contractors, customers, and the people in the communities where we work. This is a fundamental priority, so we are committed to achieving and sustaining ‘Zero Accidents’ performance. We also provide health and safety training and education relevant to our employees’ specific working conditions and environments.
    • SCC**:  2011 Safety Certificate for Contractors is an international standard certifying that the company Sitolor and its employees implement and adhere to a health, safety, and environmental management system.

      This management system is implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations pertaining to the following services:

      • concrete and reinforced concrete structures renovations
      • steel structures renovation, anti-corrosion protection, and metallization
      • building structural engineering and engineered structures
      • building of constructional objects
      • performing specialized works in the field of civil engineering