Krk bridge

Clip from the documentary film “The Bridge”

Once the largest reinforced concrete arch bridge in the world

In the documentary film “Bridge” by screenwriter and director Danko Volarić, the challenges that engineers were faced during the construction of the Krk Bridge and later, during its maintenance, were shown. Considering the complexity of the procedure and the difficulties that appeared during construction works, from sudden gusts of storms that at times could reach up to 220 km/h, large temperature fluctuations, and the height of the bridge itself which is 67 m, all this represented an additional challenge our engineers and construction workers. With our professionalism, careful approach and noticeable long experience, we once again successfully completed the work of repairing concrete surfaces and the pavement surface of the bridge. A part of those works was shown in the documentary film, and you can watch it in the clip of the film below.

One interesting thing about the bridge is that at the time of its construction, the Krk Bridge was the largest arch-reinforced concrete bridge in the world with an arch span of 390 m until it was surpassed in 1995 by a Chinese bridge with a span of 420 meters. This makes us even more proud that we were able to leave our mark on what was once the largest arch reinforced concrete bridge in the world.