Renovation of Most slobode

The repairs on the Most slobode, one of the most important road links between New Zagreb and the rest of the city, began on March 16, 2019 and lasted for nine months with a special, temporary traffic regulation – pedestrians and cyclist were not allowed in the roadwork area, whereas car traffic continued in four narrow lanes.

Most slobode was opened to traffic in 1959, but it hasn’t been repaired until now. The works included the complete reconstruction of all elements of pedestrian, bicycle paths and access viaducts, the worn-out asphalt curtain was removed and replaced with high-strength concrete, old curbs with granite haberdashery, the stormwater drainage system was cleared, plateaus were fixed and waterproofing was installed on pavement joints. The length of the bridge that has been repaired, including both sides of the bridge, is about two kilometers.

With this successfully completed project, we have only further confirmed our status as one of the leading companies in the field of repair and reconstruction of concrete structures.

INVESTOR: City of Zagreb