Construction of the pumping station "Jaruge"

Working on a melioration channel construction project for the irrigation of the Biđ-Bosut Field –the section from 0+000 to 0+435 km
We constructed a reinforced concrete water plant as part of a melioration channel construction project. The dimensions of the water plant are 16.4/20.5 m, separated by dilatation. For the required plant capacity Qp=10 m³/s, four flow fields with pumps capacity Qp=2.5 m³/s and water level Hm=4.00 m v.v. were constructed. During the construction phase, two pumps were installed for the first two flow fields, while the other two fields were constructed with specially-shaped reinforced concrete elements that can be closed by watertight-mechanical design.
The project was divided into three sub-projects, and SITOLOR d.o.o. performed the construction of the water pumping station.


EURCO d.d.




Općina Jaruge, Općina Sikirevci, Brodsko posavska županija

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