Repair of Krk Bridge

“During the construction of the bridge, the thickness of the protective layer was reduced to 1.5 cm due to decreased bridge weight and financial limits, which has a significant impact on the bridge’s durability. Although it has a small protective layer, the bridge is situated in a highly aggressive marine environment and is exposed to the influences of seawater chloride, strong winds which facilitate chloride penetration into the structure, high summer temperatures, and alternating freezing and unfreezing processes.”

— J. Radić., Uvod u mostarstvo

These aggressive influences affect the bridge’s durability; therefore, bridge maintenance is a major challenge for our engineers.

Applying skills, knowledge, and experience, Sitolor d.o.o. successfully performs demanding restoration works on the Krk Bridge. The works are carried out at 25 m above sea level. The repair and protection of local irregularities on the underside of the bridge pavement are done by hydrodemolishing the concrete surface, and then by applying migrating corrosion inhibitors and high-quality tixotropic repair mortars.







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